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provost marshal

Definition/Scope: (ATTP 3-39.10) As the chief LE officer, the PM provides the commander with professional and technical advice concerning L&O objectives, policies, and directives. Planning military police support is a continuous process at every echelon. The PM plans the use of military police assets; evaluates current operations; and projects future courses of action, organizational requirements, and resource requirements. The PM makes operational and resource decisions based on analysis and planning consistent with a high degree of situational understanding, a thorough understanding of the OE, and the effects of specific mission variables. OLD VERSION The Provost Marshal serves as the installation commander?s senior law enforcement representative and as a special staff officer responsible for the daily operations and functional management of the Provost Marshal Office.



Broader Terms:

military personnel, by function*
Military Police
Provost Marshal General
Provost Marshal Office

Narrower Terms:

mission essential vulnerable area

Related Terms:

law enforcement
social sciences

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