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Definition/Scope: (ADP 3-0) Planning is the art and science of understanding a situation, envisioning a desired future, and laying out effective ways of bringing about that future. Planning consists of two separate but closely related components: a conceptual component and a detailed component. Successful planning requires integrating both these components. Army leaders employ three methodologies for planning after determining the appropriate mix based on the scope of the problem, their familiarity with it, and the time available.


National Defense Strategy
nested concept



Broader Terms:

Army planning
decisive point

Narrower Terms:

Army Digitization Master Plan
Chemical Hazard Response Information System
deliberate planning
emergency management
frequency assignment planning
information engagement
Logistics Preparation of the Battlefield
Military DecisionMaking Process
military planning
strategic planning
Troop Leading Procedures
urban planning

Related Terms:

For Your Situtional Awareness
Humanitarian Operations Center
request for forces
Unified Land Operations

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