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peace operation

Definition/Scope: NOTE: FM 3-0 has been superceded by ADP 3-0. (FM 3-0) Peace operations is a broad term that encompasses multiagency and multinational crisis response and limited contingency operations involving all instruments of national power with military missions to contain conflict, redress the peace, and shape the environment to support reconciliation and rebuilding and facilitate the transition to legitimate governance. Peace operations include peacekeeping, peace enforcement, peacemaking, peace building, and conflict prevention efforts (JP 3-07.3). Army forces conduct the following types of peace operations: Peacekeeping, Peace building, Peacemaking, Peace enforcement, Conflict prevention, The objectives of peace operations include keeping violence from spreading, containing violence that has occurred, and reducing tension among factions. Accomplishing these objectives creates an environment in which other instruments of national power are used to reduce the level of violence to stable peace. Peace operations are usually interagency efforts. They require a balance of military and diplomatic resources. JP 3-07.3 and FM 3-07 contain doctrine for peace operations.OLD VERSION (FM 100-23). An umbrella term that encompasses three types of activities: activities with predominantly diplomatic lead (preventive diplomacy, peacemaking, peace building) and two complementary, predominately military, activities (peacekeeping and peace-enforcement). (JP 3-07.3). The umbrella term encompassing peacekeeping, peace enforcement, and any other military, paramilitary or nonmilitary action taken in support of a diplomatic peacemaking process.

Used For:

observer missions
peace enforcement operations

Broader Terms:

African Contingency Operations Training and Assistance
Full spectrum operations
major operation
military operations other than war
operational theme
Security Force Assistance

Narrower Terms:

Conflict prevention
Humanitarian Assistance
multinational operations
nation assistance
non-UN peacekeeping operations
Operations Other Than War
peace building
peace enforcement
Security Assistance
UN operation
unilateral operation

Related Terms:

African Contingency Operations Training and Assistance
decisive operation
engineer support
Implementation Forces
Irregular Warfare
Limited intervention
Major Combat Operation
major regional conflict
nonlethal action
operational theme
Peacetime military engagement
shaping operation
Stability operation
World Health Organization

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