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Operation Just Cause

Definition/Scope: Operation Just Cause was started on 20 December 1989 and was essentially terminated on 12 January 1990 with the redeployment of the majority of the fighting units. There were four reasons for justification given by President George H.W. Bush for the operation or invasion. They were: Safeguarding the lives of U.S. citizens in Panama; defending democracy and human rights in Panama; combating drug trafficking; and protecting the integrity of the Torrijos?Carter Treaties. On 15 Dec 89, the National Assembly of Panama declared that a state of war existed with the U.S. and adopted measures to confront foreign aggression. In the days that followed, service members and dependents were harassed, and a Marine lieutenant was killed. On 17 Dec, the national command authority (NCA) directed the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) to execute PLAN 90-2. JTFSO received the JCS execute order on 18 Dec with a D-Day and H-Hour of 20 Dec 0100 local time. Some of the major units involved was the 75th Ranger Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division,193rd Infantry Brigade and 7th Infantry Division.

Broader Terms:

military operations (by designation)

Related Terms:

7th Infantry Division
XVIII Airborne Corps

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