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Definition/Scope: (FM 3-34.2) An obstacle is any obstruction that is designed or employed to disrupt, fix, turn, or block the movement of an opposing force (OPFOR) and to impose additional losses in personnel, time, and equipment on the OPFOR. Obstacles can exist naturally (existing), be man-made (reinforcing), or be a combination of both. A complex obstacle is a combination of different types of individual obstacles that requires more than one reduction technique (explosive, mechanical, manual) to create a lane through the obstacle. A reinforcing obstacle is an obstacle that is specifically constructed, emplaced, or detonated through military effort. OLD VERSION Any natural or artificial barrier that stops, delays, or diverts movement.

Narrower Terms:

complex obstacles
constructed obstacles
demolition obstacles
directed obstacles
existing obstacles
improvised obstacles
land mine
reinforcing obstacles
water obstacles

Related Terms:

block (tactics)
Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield

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