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Definition/Scope: (FM 3-0) Direct every military operation toward a clearly defined, decisive, and attainable objective. The principle of objective drives all military activity. At the operational and tactical levels, objective ensures all actions contribute to the higher commander’s end state. Objectives allow commanders to focus combat power on the most important tasks. Clearly stated objectives also promote individual initiative. These objectives clarify what subordinates need to accomplish by emphasizing the outcome rather than the method. Commanders should avoid actions that do not contribute directly to achieving the objectives. The purpose of military operations is to accomplish the military objectives that support achieving the conflict’s overall political goals. OLD VERSION The physical object of the action taken (for example, a definite terrain feature, the seizure or holding of which is essential to the commander’s plan, or the destruction of any enemy force without regard to terrain features). (2) The clearly defined, decisive, and attainable aims toward which every military operation should be directed.



Broader Terms:

Lines Of Operation
principles of war

Narrower Terms:

priority national intelligence objectives
strategic estimate
training objectives

Related Terms:

economy of force
unity of command

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