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nonappropriated fund instrumentalities

Definition/Scope: (AR 215-1) A U.S. Government organization and fiscal entity that performs essential Government functions. It is not a Federal Agency. It acts in its own name to provide, or assist other DOD organizations in providing MWR and other programs for military personnel, their Families, and authorized civilians. It is established and maintained individually or jointly by two or more DOD components. As a fiscal entity, it maintains custody of and control over its NAFs, equipment, facilities, land, and other assets. It is responsible for the prudent administration, safeguarding, preservation, and maintenance of those APF resources made available to carry out its function. With its NAFs, it contributes to the MWR programs of other authorized organizational entities, when so authorized. It is not incorporated under the laws of any State or the District of Columbia, but has the legal status of an instrumentality of the United States. NAFIs are not “persons” subject to federal trade and antitrust laws, and they are not subject to State regulation or control in the absence of specific authorization in a Federal statute.



Broader Terms:

Morale, Welfare and Recreation Program
MWR programs

Related Terms:

appropriated funds
community support programs
mission-sustaining programs
Morale, Welfare and Recreation Program
MWR programs
nonappropriated funds
real property
revenue-generating programs

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