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Network Operations

Definition/Scope: (JP 6-0) NETOPS provides integrated network visibility and end-toend management of networks, global applications, and services across the GIG. Network visibility enables commanders to manage their networks as they would other combat systems. The NETOPS mission is to operate and defend the GIG. Unlike many missions that are deemed successful at a defined completion date, the NETOPS mission is perpetual, requiring continual support to be successful. The effectiveness of NETOPS is measured in terms of availability and reliability of network enabled services, across all areas of interest, in adherence to agreed-upon service levels and policies. The purpose of NETOPS is assured system and network availability, assured information protection, and assured information delivery.

Used For:

Protection WFF



Broader Terms:

Defense Information Systems Agency
Global Information Grid
Joint Communications System
National Communications System

Narrower Terms:

combatant commander
information protection

Related Terms:

Brigade Combat Team Modernization
command, control, communications and computers
computer network defense
Defense Information Systems Agency
Global Information Grid
information operations
Joint Communications Support Element
Joint Communications System
joint operation
mission analysis
small extension node
Wideband Gapfiller System

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