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Naval Safety Center

Definition/Scope: The Department of the Navy (DON) Safety is the US Navy’s safety center. They are essentially the same as the Army Safety Center. The DON Safety enhances mission readiness by preventing mishaps through aggressive leadership, safe and reliable equipment, adequate resource allocation, effective training, accountability, and proven risk management principles. Some of their key objectives are: Integrate safety into all on- and off-duty activities, work processes, and weapon system design to enhance mission readiness, capability, and accomplishment; Imbed safety culture into the total force (military, civilians, and contractors), with accountability and involvement at all levels, through the adoption of a Safety Management System; Facilitate continuous improvement in safety performance by managing hazards, mitigating risk, and implementing actions to reduce mishaps, through the use of annual safety program self assessments; and Maintain effective safety monitoring and performance measuring systems that support senior leadership and unit-specific metrics, data analysis for root causes and development of mitigation strategies.

Broader Terms:

Navy Occupational Safety and Health
Norfolk VA
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Shore Establishment

Narrower Terms:

maritime safety
Navy Occupational Safety and Health
risk assessment
vehicle safety
water safety
weapon safety

Related Terms:

Air Force Safety Center
Approach Magazine
Ashore Magazine
US Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center

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