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National Training Center

Definition/Scope: (AR 350-50) The National Training Center (NTC), at Fort Irwin, CA, provides realistic joint and combined arms training focused on developing soldiers, leaders, and units of America's Army for success on the 21st-century battlefield. The NTC trains up to a task-organized brigade and selected division maneuver assets to conduct and rehearse combined arms operations across the spectrum of conflict from high intensity combat to stability operations. It also provides DTLOMS feedback to improve the Army. NTC trains the transformed Army by conducting force-on-force and live-fire training for ground and aviation brigades in a joint scenario across the spectrum of conflict, using a live-virtual-constructive training model, as portrayed by a highly lethal and capable Opposing Force and controlled by an expert and experienced Operations Group. The brigade and its joint partners use the full complement of its combat, combat support and combat service support systems in an expanded NTC maneuver area that has multiple urban operations sites and portrays the complexity and human dimension of the modern battlefield. RC units train in rotations, CS/CSS training in support of rotations, and in AT/IDT training using equipment from the MATES site. Rotational training is supported by modernized and fully capable joint organizations, facilities and equipment. NTC has a post-mobilization mission as a center capable of accepting, training, and deploying divisions or separate brigades.



Broader Terms:

Combat Training Center
Fort Irwin
US Army Forces Command

Narrower Terms:

Army Modernization Training
battle focused training
capstone training
field training exercises
pre-mobilization training

Related Terms:

11th ACR
Battle Command Training Program
combined training exercises
DRT combat training centers
Fort Irwin
Grafenwoehr Training Area
Joint Multinational Training Center
Joint Readiness Training Center
joint training exercise
Mobilization Army Training Center
NTC CALL observers
rotational training unit

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