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movement order

Definition/Scope: (JP 1-02) An order issued by a commander covering the details for a move of the command. (FM 5-0) Movement orders usually concern administrative moves (see FM 3-90). Normally, these movements occur in the communications zone or rear area. The logistics officer has primary coordinating staff responsibility for planning and coordinating movements. This includes preparing, publishing, and distributing movement orders. Other coordinating and special staff officers assist the logistics officer. These may include the operations officer, provost marshal, transportation officers, and movement control personnel. When conducting ground movements in the rear area of the combat zone where enemy interference is expected, a movement order may become an annex to an OPORD or service support order. (Under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), this annex is called the movement annex.) The operations officer plans and coordinates these tactical movements.

Broader Terms:

written directive

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