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movement control

Definition/Scope: (FM 3-90.31) Movement control includes the planning, routing, scheduling, and control of personnel and cargo movements over lines of communications personnel. Maintaining movement control, keeping LOCs open, managing reception and transshipment points, and obtaining host nation support are critical to movement control within a unit's AO. The MEB commander controls movement throughout the assigned AO unless the movement is conducted on MSRs or alternate supply routes (ASRs) designated by higher headquarters. The MEB provides movement coordination and regulation on these MRSs and ASRs. Units may not move through the AO without clearance from the MEB. The MEB designates, maintains, secures, and controls movement along the routes within the AO unless the higher headquarters directs otherwise.

Used For:

moving (logistics)

Broader Terms:

logistical support
Maneuver Enhancement Brigade
Maneuver support operation
Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command
traffic control point
US Transportation Command, Combatant Command, Unified

Narrower Terms:

administrative movement
Air Control Point
box formation
column formation
echelon formation
line formation
movement control agencies
movement control center
movement control offices
movement control teams
movement to load site
retrograde movement
vee formation
wedge formation

Related Terms:

Maneuver support operation
reception, staging, onward movement, and integration
Stability operation
support area operation
terrain management

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