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modification tables of organization and equipment

Definition/Scope: An MTOE is an authorization document that prescribes the modifications to a basic TOE which are necessary to adapt its mission, capabilities, organization, personnel, and equipment to meet the needs of a specific unit or group of units. The MTOE gives the major Army command (MACOM) commander a way to modify the standard TOE for one or more of the TOE units under his command. The MTOE authorizes the reorganization of a specific unit to meet the requirements of the command to which the unit is assigned. A Department of the Army (DA)-published MTOE is the official authorization document for the TOE units and is the authority for organization property on hand in the organization.

Used For:

modified tables of organization and equipment



Broader Terms:

tables (data)

Narrower Terms:

organic (organizational)

Related Terms:

force structure
tables of distribution and allowance
tables of organization and equipment

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