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Definition/Scope: (DoD) A quality or capability of military forces which permits them to move from place to place while retaining the ability to fulfill their primary mission. (Army) Those activities that enable a force to move personnel and equipment on the battlefield without delays due to terrain or obstacles. (FM 3-90.6) Mobility preserves the freedom of maneuver of friendly forces. Mobility missions include breaching enemy obstacles, route and area clearance, increasing battlefield circulation, improving existing routes, providing limited bridge support for gap crossings, and identifying routes around contaminated areas. Mobility is a core capability of the BCT. Mobility operations maintain unimpeded freedom of movement and maneuver for personnel and equipment throughout the depth of the BCT AO during decisive, shaping, and sustaining operations. Because of the potentially asymmetric, noncontiguous nature of the enemy and their obstacles, engineers must be prepared to perform mounted and dismounted mobility tasks using manual, mechanical, and explosive reduction means.

Broader Terms:

combat engineer
combat engineering
passive defense

Narrower Terms:

air mobility
strategic mobility
tactical mobility

Related Terms:

countermine operations
engineer support
general engineering

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