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Military Satellite Communication

Definition/Scope: Milsatcom is a system of systems that provides balanced wideband, narrowband, and protected communications capability for a broad range of users across diverse mission areas. The anticipated implementation of advanced architectures, supported by heightened connectivity in space as well as on the ground, will enable national security space communications to take advantage of commercially developed Internet-like communications, but with greater assurance and security.





Broader Terms:

Global Command and Control System - Army
satellite communication

Narrower Terms:

defense support program satellites
Global Broadcast Service
Narrowband Military Satellite Communication
Ultra–High Frequency Follow–on
Wideband Gapfiller System
Wideband Global Satcom Satellite

Related Terms:

Advanced Narrowband System
Advanced Wideband System
Milstar (space project)
Protected Military Satellite Communication
space operations
Ultra–High Frequency Follow–on

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