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Military Police

Definition/Scope: That organization within an army that carries out police functions. Corresponds to the navy's Shore Patrol. Military Police are responsible for providing support to the battlefield by conducting Area Security, Internment/Resettlement, Maneuver and Mobility Support, Law & Order, and Police Intelligence Operations. Some of your duties as a member of the Military Police Corps Regiment may include: Law enforcement patrolling by car, boat, bicycle, and on foot; Interviewing witnesses, victims and suspects in the course of investigating crimes; Crime scene security and processing Evidence and fingerprint collection; Arresting and charging criminal suspects Military Police working dog handler; Testifying in court; Enforcing traffic regulations and guarding entrances to military facilities. Basic training consists of 19 weeks at Ft Leonard Wood OSUT.



Used For:

Army police



Broader Terms:

100th Division (Institutional Training)
100th Division (Operational Support)
100th Troop Command Support Brigade
Brigade Detainee Internment Facilities
Brigade Internment Facilities
Department of the Army Provost Marshal
Force Protection Airborne Surveillance System
Initial Point Of Capture
Maneuver Support Center
military personnel, by function*
mission essential vulnerable area
Provost Marshal General
Regional Holding Facility, USMC

Narrower Terms:

16th Military Police Brigade
Antiterrorism/Force Protection
Area Security
Combat tracker dog
dislocated-civilian control
EPW/CI Handling
Explosives Detector Dog
forensic analysis
high-risk target
Internment and Resettlement
kennel master
Law and Order
Maneuver and Mobility Support
Military Prisoner Confinement
Military Working Dog
Mine Detection Dog
Mine Resistant Ambush Protected M1117 Guardian
MSR regulation enforcement
Patrol Dog
Patrol Explosives Detector Dog
Patrol Narcotics Detector Dog
Police Intelligence Operations
Populace and Resource Control
provost marshal
route reconnaissance and surveillance
roving patrol
Specialized Search Dog
straggler control
traffic control police
women military police

Related Terms:

Air Force Security Police
fixed-site security
Fort Gordon
health and welfare inspection
initial response forces
Internment/Resettlement Specialist
perimeter security
response force
security police
shore patrol
social sciences
traffic control posts
U.S. Magistrate Court

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