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M93 NBC Reconnaissance System

Definition/Scope: The M93 Fox Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Reconnaissance Vehicle is a fully integrated NBC reconnaissance system with a dedicated system of NBC detection, warning, and sampling equipment integrated into a six-wheeled, all-wheel-drive armored vehicle. The M93 Fox is used by the U.S. Army and Marine Corps. The M93 Fox was originally developed in Germany (as the Fuchs) for use by the German military. The M93A1 contains an enhanced NBC sensor suite consisting of the M21 Remote Sensing Chemical Agent Alarm (RSCAAL), MM1 Mobile Mass Spectrometer, Chemical Agent Monitor/Improved Chemical Agent Monitor (CAM/ICAM), AN/VDR-2 Beta Radiac, and M22 Automatic Chemical Agent Detector/Alarm (ACADA). The NBC sensor suite has been digitally linked with the communications and navigation subsystems by a dual-purpose central processor system known as the Multipurpose Integrated Chemical Agent Detector (MICAD). The MICAD processor fully automates NBC warning and reporting functions and provides the crew commander with full situational awareness of the Fox's NBC sensors, navigation, and communications systems. The M93A1 Fox is also equipped with an advanced position navigation system (Global Positioning System [GPS] and the Autonomous Navigation System [ANAV]) that enables the system to accurately locate and report agent contamination. It has an over-pressure filtration system that permits the crew to operate in a shirt-sleeve environment. The automated features of the M93A1 reduce the crew requirements to three soldiers from the four soldiers required to operate the M93 Fox. The Fox system automatically integrates contamination information from sensors with input from on-board navigation and meteorological systems and rapidly transmits via SINCGARS radios its digital NBC warning messages to warn follow-on forces. Two Reconnaissance systems, working as a team, will normally precede the movement of troops and materiel to locate and mark contaminated areas. The Fox system is fully amphibious with swimming speeds up to six miles per hour.

Used For:

FOX NBC Reconnaissance System
M93A1 Fox
M93A2 Fox
Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Reconnaissance System (FOX)



Broader Terms:

chemical warfare
foreign reconnaissance vehicle
Fort Leonard Wood
wheeled reconnaissance vehicle

Narrower Terms:

M93A1 Fox
M93A2 Fox
NBC reconnaissance

Related Terms:

Stryker NBCRV
Stryker nuclear biological and chemical reconnaissance vehicle

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