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Air National Guard

Definition/Scope: Administered by the National Guard Bureau, the Air National Guard's mission is to provide trained, well-equipped men and women who can augment the active force during national emergencies or war and provide assistance during natural disasters and civil disturbances.

Used For:

Air Guard
National Guard air units



Broader Terms:

Air Force field operating agencies
Air Force organizations
Air Reserve Component
National Guard Bureau
reserve component

Narrower Terms:

101st Air Refueling Wing
102d Fighter Interceptor Wing
104th Fighter Wing
105th Military Aircraft Group
106th Aerospace Rescue Group
107th Air Refueling Group
109th Tactical Airlift Group
118th Tactical Airlift Wing
119th Fighter Interceptor Group
120th Fighter Interceptor Group
123d Tactical Airlift Wing
125th Fighter Interceptor Group
130th Tactical Airlift Group
133d Tactical Airlift Wing
135th Tactical Airlift Group
136th Tactical Airlift Wing
137th Tactical Airlift Wing
139th Tactical Airlift Group
142d Fighter Interceptor Group
143d Tactical Airlift Group
145th Tactical Airlift Group
147th Fighter Interceptor Group
148th Fighter Wing
153d Tactical Airlift Group
154th Composite Group
158th Fighter Interceptor Group
164th Tactical Airlift Group
165th Tactical Airlift Group
166th Tactical Airlift Group
167th Tactical Airlift Group
172d Military Airlift Group
176th Composite Group
177th Fighter Interceptor Group
179th Airlift Wing
191st Fighter Interceptor Group
193d Special Operations Group
210th Aerospace Rescue Squadron
ACC Air National Guard units
Alabama National Guard
Alaska Army National Guard
Arkansas National Guard
California Air National Guard
Colorado Air National Guard
Connecticut Air National Guard
Delaware Air National Guard
District of Columbia Air National Guard
Florida Air National Guard
Georgia Air National Guard
Guam Air National Guard
Hawaii Air National Guard
Idaho Air National Guard
Illinois Air National Guard
Indiana Air National Guard
Kansas Air National Guard
Kentucky Air National Guard
Louisiana Air National Guard
New York Air National Guard

Related Terms:

First Air Force
Nineteenth Air Force

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