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101st Air Refueling Wing

Definition/Scope: The primary mission of the 101st Air Refueling Wing is to support the Air Force mission and to train personnel for wartime operations. The wing provides air refueling and airlift under Air Mobility Command. Since 1994, the 101st has operated the Northeast Tanker Task Force together with Pease AFB. The state mission of the 101st ARW is to protect life and property, maintain peace and order, and provide civil defense capabilities. Pease AFB officially closed on 31 March 1991. 101 ARW was moved to Bangor International Airport. Bangor IA is a joint civil-military airport.


1-285th ATKHB
101st ARW

Broader Terms:

ACC Air National Guard units
Air Mobility Command
Air National Guard
Strategic Air Command

Related Terms:


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