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M102 towed howitzer

Definition/Scope: ( The M102 105mm towed howitzer is a lightweight towed weapon that provides direct support fires to light, airborne and air assault forces. It can be towed by a 2-ton truck or HMMWV, dropped by parachute or transported with its basic load of ammunition by UH60 or larger helicopter and C130 aircraft. It is nearly three-quarters of a ton lighter than the World War II-era M101A1 105mm towed howitzer that it replaced. When emplaced, the howitzer?s high volume of fire compensates in large measure for the lower explosive weight of the projectile compared to the 155mm howitzers. It has a very low silhouette when firing and a roller tire attached to the trail assembly of the M102 permits the weapon to be rotated 360 degrees around a firing platform, which provides the pivot for the weapon. The weapon can be elevated from -5 degrees to a maximum of 75 degrees. The M102 has been replaced in the active Army by the M119A1 105mm towed howitzer. The M102 is still found in several Army National Guard units and the Air Force uses the same cannon and recoil system in the AC130 gunship. OLD VERSION A 105-mm, towed howitzer.

Broader Terms:

towed howitzers

Related Terms:

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