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law enforcement

Definition/Scope: (FM 339) Law enforcement (LE) includes those activities performed by personnel authorized by legal authority to compel compliance with, and investigate violations of, laws, directives, and punitive regulations. LE occurs in direct support of governance and the rule of law; however, for LE to occur, a legal system must exist. Typically, LE is performed by personnel trained as police officers and held directly accountable to the governmental source of their authority. LE is typically conducted concurrently with policing tasks that complement the LE mission (crime prevention, physical security, some traffic control measures). LE requires specific training, certification, and demonstrated capabilities that typically preclude untrained personnel from conducting the LE mission.

Used For:

criminal procedure
Law and Order

Broader Terms:

16th Military Police Brigade
Afghan National Police
Counterdrug Activities
criminal justice
Iraqi Police Service
Ministry of Interior (Iraq)
Ministry of Justice (Iraq)
Office of Intelligence and Operations Coordination
Provost Marshal General
U.S. Magistrate Court

Narrower Terms:

Access Control Point
criminal investigation
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Internment/Resettlement Specialist
Law and Order
Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program
Patrol Dog
racial profiling
shore patrol
Specialized Search Dog
Standard Evaluation Guidelines

Related Terms:

access control
Antiterrorism Assistance Program
Army Corrections System
Bureau of Diplomatic Security
criminal procedure
Defense Security Service
Diplomatic Security Service
Federal Bureau of Investigation
health and welfare inspection
homeland defense
Interagency Threat Assessment and Coordination Group
Internal affairs
kennel master
law enforcement agencies
Maneuver and Mobility Support
Maneuver Enhancement Brigade
Office of CBP Air and Marine
Patrol Explosives Detector Dog
Patrol Narcotics Detector Dog
Police Intelligence Operations
provost marshal
Rule of Law
Specialized Search Dog
traffic control posts
U.S. Magistrate Court

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