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Law and Order

Definition/Scope: (ATTP 3-39.10) L&O operations are the primary role of military police and shape the actions and perspective of military police Soldiers and leaders in the conduct and execution of all other functions. Military police and USACIDC units work to reduce the opportunity for criminal activity throughout an AO by assessing the local conditions; conducting police engagements at all levels (to include coordinating and maintaining liaison with other Department of Defense [DOD], HN, and multinational agencies) and developing coherent policing strategies. At all levels, they coordinate actions to identify and influence crime-conducive conditions that may promote random and organized criminal activity or that have the potential to threaten Soldiers, units, assets, or tactical lines of effort. Regardless of the OE, offenses committed against U.S. forces and property degrades military discipline, morale, and operational capabilities. In coordination with federal, state, local, and foreign LE agencies, the investigation of crimes and offenses is conducted to support the commander?s effort to protect personnel, resources, and critical assets. Military police support and develop strategies to maintain order and enforce the rule of law across the spectrum of conflict. OLD VERSION The L&O function consists of those measures necessary to enforce laws, directives, and punitive regulations. The MP’s L&O function extends the battlefield commander’s C2. The MP, in close coordination with the CID, work to suppress the chance for criminal behavior throughout the AO.



Broader Terms:

Antiterrorism/Force Protection
law enforcement
Military Police

Related Terms:

Internment and Resettlement
Rule of Law

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