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Definition/Scope: JP 3-0.1 Any device that can produce or amplify optical radiation primarily by the process of controlled stimulated emission. A laser may emit electromagnetic radiation from the ultraviolet portion of the spectrum through the infrared portion. OLD VERSION Acronym derived from "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation." Any of a class of devices that produces an intense beam of light of a very pure single color. This light beam may be intense enough to vaporize the hardest and most heat-resistant materials.

Used For:

light amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation

Broader Terms:

Active Denial System
light source
optical equipment

Narrower Terms:

blinding laser
chemical laser
directed energy weapon
electrical laser
free electron laser
gas laser
ground based laser
infrared laser
laser application
laser component
pulsed laser
solid state laser
space-based laser
ultraviolet laser
x-ray laser

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