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Kurdistan Workers’ Party

Definition/Scope: Established in 1974 as a Marxist-Leninist insurgent group primarily composed of Turkish Kurds. In recent years has moved beyond rural-based insurgent activities to include urban terrorism. Seeks to establish an independent Kurdish state in southeastern Turkey, where the population is predominantly Kurdish. Also known as Kurdish Freedom Hawks (TAK), AKA Freedom and Democracy Congress of Kurdistan (KADEK), AKA Halu Mesru Savunma Kuvveti (HSK), AKA Kurdistan Freedom and Democracy Congress, AKA Kurdistan People's Congress (KHK), AKA Partiya Karkeran Kurdistan, AKA People's Congress of Kurdistan, AKA The People's Defense Force and AKA Kongra-Gel (KGK/PKK).

Used For:

Kurdistan People's Congress
Partiya Karkeran Kurdistan



Broader Terms:

foreign terrorist organization

Narrower Terms:

Freedom and Democracy Congress of Kurdistan
Halu Mesru Savunma Kuvveti
Kurdish Freedom Hawks
Kurdistan Freedom and Democracy Congress
Kurdistan People's Congress
People's Congress of Kurdistan
The People's Defense Force

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