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Knowledge Management

Definition/Scope: (ADRP 6-0) The process of enabling knowledge flow to enhance shared understanding, learning, and decisionmaking. NOTE: FM 3-0 has been superceded by ADP 3-0. (FM 3-0) The art of creating, organizing, applying, and transferring knowledge to facilitate situational understanding and decision-making. Knowledge management supports improving organizational learning, innovation, and performance. Knowledge management processes ensure that knowledge products and services are relevant, accurate, timely, and useable to commanders and decision makers. KM has three major components: people, processes, and technology. People are those inside and outside the organization who create, organize, share, and use knowledge, and the leaders who foster an adaptive, learning environment. Processes are the methods to create, capture, organize, and apply knowledge. Technology are the information systems that help collect, process, store, and display knowledge. Technology also helps put knowledge products and services into organized frameworks. (FM 6-01.1) Knowledge management (KM) facilitates transfer of knowledge derived from experience and skill to staffs and finally to commanders. It contributes to achieving understanding, making decisions, and improving operational performance. Likewise, commanders guide and aid the understanding and decisionmaking of the staff and subordinates by transferring their tacit knowledge to them through commands and conversations. Since knowledge transfer occurs between people, KM includes creating techniques and procedures to develop knowledge skills in leaders, build experience, and transfer expertise.

Used For:

Information Management



Broader Terms:

Battle Command Knowledge System
Chief Information Officer
Combined Enterprise Regional Information Exchange System
Combined Information Data Network Exchange
Commander's Critical Information Requirements
mission command
Mission command Warfighting Function
National Fusion Center Coordination Group

Narrower Terms:

communities of practice
fog of war
information systems
organizational knowledge
organizational learning
situational awareness
social network

Related Terms:

communities of interest
Configuration Control Board
knowledge community
organizational knowledge
social network

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