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Multifunctional Information Distribution System Joint Tactical Radio System

Definition/Scope: (US Navy) The MIDS JTRS is a Software Defined Radio (SDR) that is compliant with the JTRS Software Communications Architecture (SCA). MIDS JTRS maintains the Link-16, J-Voice, and TACAN functionality of MIDS-LVT, but also accommodates future technologies and capabilities. MIDS JTRS improvements over MIDS-LVT include Link-16 Enhanced Throughput (ET), Link-16 Frequency Remapping (FR), and programmable crypto. MIDS JTRS provides an additional three 2-megahertz to 2-gigahertz programmable channels to accommodate incremental delivery of the advanced JTRS waveforms through MIDS JTRS Platform Capability Packages, such as the Joint Airborne Networking ? Tactical Edge (JAN-TE) capability. It is planned to be the next-generation voice-and-data radio used by the U.S. military in field operations after 2010. JTRS is a software-defined radio that will work with many existing military and civilian radios. It includes integrated encryption and Wideband Networking Software to create mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs). The JTRS is built on the Software Communications Architecture (SCA), an open-architecture framework that tells designers how hardware and software are to operate in harmony. It governs the structure and operation of the JTRS, enabling programmable radios to load waveforms, run applications, and be networked into an integrated system. A Core Framework, providing a standard operating environment, must be implemented on every hardware set. Interoperability among radio sets is increased because the same waveform software can be easily ported to all radios.

Used For:

Movement and Maneuver WFF
programmable modular-communications system



Broader Terms:

Army transformation
Brigade Combat Team Modernization
Link 16
Multifunctional Information Distribution System
tactical communications systems

Narrower Terms:

multiband inter/intra team radio
Warfighter Information Network-Tactical

Related Terms:

secure communications
strategic communication
wideband communication systems

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