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joint operation

Definition/Scope: (1) (NDP 1). Activities, operations, or organizations in which elements of more than one Service of the same nation participate. (2) (AFSC 1). A military action or the carrying out of a strategic, operational, tactical, training, or administrative military mission by forces from two or more military departments; also, the conduct of combat, including movement, supply, attack, defense, and maneuvers, by forces of two or more military departments needed to gain the objectives of any battle or c

Used For:

joint force operations
multiservice operations

Broader Terms:

7th Army Joint Multinational Training Command
military operation

Narrower Terms:

Air Defense
Defensive operation
lethal action
Major Combat Operation
nonlethal action
Stability operation
strategic estimate

Related Terms:

combined arms teams
Environmental Measurements Laboratory
Joint Task Force
JP 3-0
Network Operations
Operation Iron Hammer
UNSCR 1546
UNSCR 1637
UNSCR 1723

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