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Joint Multinational Readiness Center

Definition/Scope: In a forward deployed environment at Grafenwoehr and Hohenfels, Germany, the Joint Multinational Readiness Center (JMRC) provides tough, realistic, and challenging joint and combined arms training; focuses on improving readiness by developing Soldiers, their leaders and units in support of the Global War on Terrorism, and for success on current and future battlefields; provides simulated combat training exercises for task organized Brigade Combat Teams (BCT)/Heavy BCT (HBCT), Stryker BCT (SBCT), Airborne BCT (ABCT), and functional brigades across the full spectrum of operations; plans coordinates, and executes Combat Training Center (CTC) and Exportable Training Capability (ETC) rotations/Mission Rehearsal Exercises to prepare units for full spectrum operations: Major Combat Operations (MCO), Counter-Insurgency (COIN) Operations, and Security Operations Stability Operations (SOSO). The proper name for the JMRC is the Combat Maneuver Training Center as defined by AR 350-50.



Used For:

Combat Maneuver Training Center
Sustainment WFF



Broader Terms:

Combat Training Center
Joint Multinational Training Center
multinational exercises

Narrower Terms:


Related Terms:

100th Area Support Group
CMTC CALL observers
combat maneuver training
Combat Maneuver Training Center
Combat Training Center
DRT combat training centers
Hohenfels Training Area

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