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Definition/Scope: (FM 3-21.75) The Javelin is the first fire-and-forget, crew-served antitank missile. Its fire-and-forget guidance mode enables gunners to fire and then immediately take cover. This greatly increases survivability. The Javelin's two major components are a reusable command launch unit (CLU) and a missile sealed in a disposable launch tube assembly. The CLU's integrated daysight/nightsight allows target engagements in adverse weather and in countermeasure environments. The CLU may also be used by itself for battlefield surveillance and reconnaissance. Special features include a selectable top-attack or direct-fire mode (for targets under cover or for use in urban terrain against bunkers and buildings), target lock-on before launch, and a very limited backblast. These features allow gunners to fire safely from within enclosures and covered fighting positions. The Javelin can also be installed on tracked, wheeled, or amphibious vehicles.

Used For:

Advanced Antitank Weapon System-Medium
Medium Range Antitank Weapon System (MRAWS)
MRAWS (Medium Range Antitank Weapon System)

Broader Terms:

antitank missile
Bradley Fighting Vehicle
Bradley Stinger Fighting Vehicle - Enhanced

Related Terms:

M47 Dragon
tracked vehicles
wheeled vehicles

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