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Iraqi Air Force

Definition/Scope: The Iraqi Air Force (IQAF) is the military branch in Iraq responsible for the policing of international borders, surveillance of national assets and aerial operations. The IQAF also acts as a support force for the Iraqi Navy and the Iraqi Army and it also allows Iraq to rapidly deploy its developing Army. The two training institutions in the IqAF are the Flight Training School in Kirkuk and the IqAF Training Wing at Taji. The IqAF Training Wing at Taji Air Base is responsible for four schools (Basic Military Training school, Basic Technical Training school, Air Force Academy and the Air Force Officer Course at the Iraq Military Academy al Rustamiyah), all of which were stood-up in 2007. Flight training takes place at the Flight Training School in Kirkuk.

Used For:

Iraqi Army Air Corps



Broader Terms:

Iraqi armed forces
Ministry of Defense (Iraq)
national security

Narrower Terms:

border patrol

Related Terms:

Iraqi armed forces
Iraqi Army
Iraqi Army Air Corps

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