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Intermediate Level Education

Definition/Scope: (DA PAM 600-3) ILE is the Army’s formal education program for majors. It is a tailored resident education program designed to prepare new field-grade officers for their next 10 years of Service. It produces field-grade officers with a Warrior Ethos and Joint, expeditionary mindset, who are grounded in warfighting doctrine, and who have the technical, tactical, and leadership competencies to be successful at more senior levels in their respective branch or FA. ILE consists of a common core phase of operational instruction offered to all officers and tailored education phase (qualification course) tied to the technical requirements of the officer’s branch or FA.


Command and General Staff College



Broader Terms:

Command and General Staff College

Narrower Terms:

Advanced Operations and Warfighting Course

Related Terms:

Basic Officer Leader Course II
Captains Career Common Core Course

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