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Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Definition/Scope: In accordance with Army Doctrine 2015 this term is no linger to be used. The individual components of ISR will be spelled out and used separately. FM 3-0 has been superseded by ADP 3-0) An activity that synchronizes and integrates the planning and operation of sensors, assets, and processing, exploitation, and dissemination systems in direct support, of current and future operations. This is an integrated intelligence and operations function. For Army forces, this activity is a combined arms operation that focuses on priority intelligence requirements while answering the commanders critical information requirements. OLD VERSION Intelligence process is made up of five steps: plan, prepare, collect, process, and produce. Just as the three steps of the operations process (plan, prepare, execute) overlap and recur as circumstances demand, so do the components of the intelligence process. ISR combines the product (intelligence) with the information-gathering actions of reconnaissance and surveillance. ISR operations are conducted to answer information requirements (for example, confirmation or denial of enemy courses of action, targeting information) and maintain the SBCT common operational picture. Additionally, ISR goes a step further to facilitate situational understanding. Where reconnaissance and surveillance answered the "what," "where," and "when" on the battlefield, ISR has the additional requirement of answering "why." The two primary organic ISR elements of the SBCT are the cavalry squadron (RSTA) and the MI company.

Used For:

Intelligence WFF
Protection WFF



Broader Terms:

Aerial Common Sensor
Combat Aviation Brigade
Defense Joint Intelligence Operations Center
Defense Satellite Communications System
Full spectrum operations
ground moving target indicator radar
international environment
joint intelligence
MQ-8B Fire Scout
Office of Intelligence and Operations Coordination
P-8A Poseidon
target area of interest
Time-sensitive targeting
Unmanned Aircraft System
Unmanned Aircraft System (by name)
Warfighting Function

Narrower Terms:

Aerial Common Sensor
combat intelligence
Commander's Critical Information Requirements
ground intelligence
human intelligence
Space Based Radar
Time-sensitive targeting

Related Terms:

Battle Damage Assessment
Bell Eagle Eye
Countermine activities
CQ-10 Snowgoose
Defense Joint Intelligence Operations Center
fog of war
Fragmentary Order
information technology
intelligence collection
Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Synchronization
Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Integration
M/RQ-1 Predator
MQ-1C Sky Warrior
MQ-8B Fire Scout
MQ-9 Reaper
Multi-Function Radio Frequency System
Office of Intelligence and Operations Coordination
RQ-11 Raven
RQ-4 Global Hawk
RQ-5 Hunter
RQ-7 Shadow
search and rescue
US Air Force
US Navy

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