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intelligence synchronization

Definition/Scope: Actions taken to ensure intelligence and electronic warfare operations are linked to the commander’s requirements and respond in time to influence decisions and operations. (ADRP 2-0) Intelligence synchronization is the ?art? of integrating information collection and intelligence analysis with operations to effectively and efficiently support decisionmaking. This core competency ensures the intelligence warfighting function supports mission command. Intelligence synchronization balances time with collection, production, required accuracy, and specificity to meet the commander?s and other requirements. Intelligence synchronization requires an effective relationship with the commander, focused information collection, effective dissemination of predictive assessments, and adaptability to changing situations. Some critical aspects of effective intelligence synchronization include - early and continuous teamwork with the commander and across the staff; expertise and proficiency in information collection and leveraging the enterprise; mastery of the intelligence process; and a collaborative environment for flexible, creative analysts to solve complex problems.

Broader Terms:

Intelligence WFF
USA Patriot Act of 2001

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