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Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company

Definition/Scope: Company with liaison and communications teams of Marine and or Navy personnel trained and equipped to coordinate Navy and Marine aircraft for close air support. ANGLICO (Air Naval Gunfire Liaison Company) refers to several small units of the United States Marine Corps who specialize in coordinating artillery, naval gunfire and close air support (CAS) for the U.S. Marine Corps, Navy, Army, and allied foreign armed forces. ANGLICO serves as liaison unit by providing capabilities normally contained only within the Marine Corps. These small teams possess the knowledge to direct and control air support for U.S. military and foreign units which lack this capability. ANGLICO not only can control U.S. aircraft, but they travel and train internationally to qualify to control foreign jets as well. While all the services try to develop this type of unit, currently the Marine Corps and Air Force can provide the battlefield with most forward air (FAC) and joint terminal attack controllers. The Navy has their own program that produces JTAC/FAC for SEALs and NAVSOF communities. Occasionally the Navy will send a SEAL or member of the NAVSOF community to the Marine school. Reserve ANGLICO units are the only ANGLICO units that are authorized a parachuting mission. This is a low level static line (LLSL) round capability that aligns insertion capability with Army units it may be asked to support with liaison teams.



Broader Terms:

Firepower Control Team
low intensity conflict
Marine Corps
Marine Expeditionary Force

Narrower Terms:

fire mission
fire support
Firepower Control Team
Forward Air Controller
Joint Terminal Air Controller

Related Terms:

Close Air Support
Fire Support Coordinator
Fire Support Officer
Naval Surface Fire Support
Target Acquisition Battery

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