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institutional training divisions (USAR)

Definition/Scope: Institutional Training Divisions (DIV-IT) are responsible for routine training of Army, Army Reserve and Army National Guard Soldiers, through formal classroom and hands-on training. DIV-ITs train new recruits and Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) cadets, provide Soldiers with advanced training in their military occupational specialty, and offer professional development courses to prepare Soldiers for increasing levels of responsibility and readiness. In the event of mobilization, DIV-ITs provide Drill Sergeants and instructors to backfill and augment Army schools and facilities. As part of Army Reserve transformation, DIV(IT) are being reorganized as Training Commands and subordinate organizations.

Used For:

reserve training



Broader Terms:

Army Reserve Command

Narrower Terms:

100th Division (Institutional Training)
104th Division (Institutional Training)
108th Division (Institutional Training)
95th Division (Institutional Training)
98th Division (Institutional Training)

Related Terms:

Basic Combat Training
reserve component training

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