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Definition/Scope: Term generally applicable to all fixed and permanent installations, transportation structures, fabrications, or facilities for the support or control of military forces. (DoDD 3020.40) The framework of interdependent physical and cyber-based systems comprising identifiable industries, institutions (including people and procedures), and distribution capabilities that provide a reliable flow of products and services essential to the defense and economic security of the United States, to the smooth functioning of government at all levels, and to society as a whole.

Broader Terms:

Agribusiness Development Team
Law Enforcement Terrorism Prevention Program
Ministry of Communications (Iraq)
Ministry of Defense (Iraq)
Ministry of Education (Iraq)
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (Iraq)
Ministry of Industry and Minerals (Iraq)
operating environments
operational variable

Narrower Terms:

Army Digitization Master Plan
defense critical infrastructure
global information infrastructure
industrial support infrastructure
infrastructure protection
Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation (Iraq)
public utilities
rail network

Related Terms:

Defense Critical Infrastructure Program
military readiness
POL distribution
power generation
public works
risk assessment
vulnerability assessment
water distribution

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