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100th Troop Command Support Brigade

Definition/Scope: The California State Military Reserve, 100th Troop Command Support Brigade, provides a trained and disciplined, ready force to the Adjutant General to Support the California Army and Air National Guard and the Joint Staff, serving the Community and the State. Their primary mission is to support the California National Guard in its Homeland Defense and Homeland Security missions. Some of its units are the 223rd MI Bn (linquist), 250th MI Bn (language and reconnaissance), 49th MP Bn, 40th Fin Bn and the 59th Army Band. Other major units within the CANG are the Joint Forces Headquarters, 40th Infantry Division, 115th Area Support Group, and the 49th Combat Support Command.

Used For:

state protection

Broader Terms:

California State Military Reserve
National Guard

Narrower Terms:

Military Police
military reserves

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