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Definition/Scope: (ADRP 2-0) Imagery is a likeness or presentation of any natural or manmade feature or related object or activity, and the positional data acquired at the same time the likeness or representation was acquired, including: products produced by space-based national intelligence reconnaissance systems; and likenesses and presentations produced by satellites, aircraft platforms, unmanned aircraft systems, or other similar means (except that such term does not include handheld or clandestine photography taken by or on behalf of human intelligence collection organizations) (JP 2-03). OLD VERSION Collectively, the representations of objects reproduced electronically or by optical means on film, electronic display devices, or other media.

Broader Terms:

AN/APS-137B(V)5 Radar
Intelligence WFF

Narrower Terms:

5D imagery
aerial imagery
imagery intelligence
imagery source
infrared imagery
multispectral imagery
satellite imagery
thermal imaging
ultraviolet imagery

Related Terms:

imagery intelligence

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