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RQ-5A Hunter

Definition/Scope: The RQ-5A Hunter was the Army’s first fielded UAS. Hunter is capable of covering ranges of 125 to 250 km utilizing air data relay. Flying typical missions at 70 kts, with occasional dashes, Hunter’s endurance was increased from 12 hours to 21 hours, with the introduction of wet extended center wing and new Heavy Fuel Engines (HFE, using diesel or jet fuel). Hunter was the first UAV in US Army inventory to demonstrate weapons capability. In 2003 Hunter was tested with acoustic/IR homing BAT weapon, as well as a modified laser designated BAT, called Viper Strike.

Used For:




Broader Terms:

Army aircraft
Tier III (UAV)
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Unmanned Aircraft System (by name)

Related Terms:

battlefield surveillance

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