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AGM-65 Maverick

Definition/Scope: A precision-guided, air-to-ground missile configured primarily for the anti-tank and anti-ship roles. Six models of Mavericks have been developed. The AGM-65A/B/D variants have shaped-charge warheads and are used as anti-tank weapons. The AGM-65E/F/G/K variants have a larger blast/penetration warhead and are used in the land attack and anti-ship role. The IR Maverick Missile which is an infrared-guided, rocket-propelled, air-to-ground missile for use against targets requiring considerable warhead penetration prior to detonation. The missile is capable of two pre-flight selectable modes of target tracking. The armor or land track mode is optimized for tracking land-based targets such as tanks or fortified emplacements. The ship track mode is optimized for tracking seaborne targets. The missile is capable of launch-and-leave operation. After launch, automatic missile guidance is provided by an imaging infrared energy sensing and homing device.

Used For:

IR Maverick Missile
Maverick missile



Broader Terms:

A-10 Thunderbolt II
air-to-ground missile
air-to-ground missile
antiship missile
P-3C Orion Anti-Surface Warfare Improvement Program

Narrower Terms:

Close Air Support

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