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high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles

Definition/Scope: A highly durable 4 x 4 wheeled tactical vehicle which provides a common chassis for a variety of utility and speciality vehicles. The HMMWV serves as cargo/troop carriers, automatic weapons platforms, ambulances (four litter patients or eight ambulatory patients), M220 TOW missile carriers, M119 howitzer prime movers, M-1097 Avenger surface-to-air missile platforms, MRQ-12 direct air support vehicles, S250 shelter carriers among many others.

Used For:




Broader Terms:

Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Red River
multi-role vehicles
wheeled vehicles

Narrower Terms:

M1025 Armored Armament Carrier
M1026 Armored Armament Carrier
M1035 Soft-Top Ambulance
M1036 Armored TOW
M1037 S-250 Shelter Carrier
M1038 Cargo/Troop Carrier
M1042 S-250 Shelter Carrier
M1043 Up-Armored Armament Carrier
M1044 Up-Armored Armament Carrier
M1045 TOW Up-Armored Armor
M1046 TOW Up-Armored Armor
M1069 Tractor for M119 105-mm Gun
M1097 Heavy
M1097 Heavy HMMWV Avenger
M1109 Up-Armored Armament Carrier
M1113 Expanded Capacity
M1114 Up-Armored Armament Carrier
M1116 Up-Armored HMMWV
M1121 Armored TOW
M1123 Heavy
M1145 Up-Armored HMMWV
M707 Striker
M966 Armored HMMWV TOW
M996 Armored Mini-Ambulance
M997 Armored Maxi-Ambulance
M998 Cargo/Troop
M998 HMMWV Avenger
up-armored HMMWV

Related Terms:

Mine Resistant Ambush Protected
MRAP All Terrain Vehicle
utility trucks

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