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heavy equipment transport system

Definition/Scope: The Heavy Equipment Transport System (HETS) is a military logistics vehicle used to transport, deploy, and evacuate tanks, armored personnel carriers, self-propelled artillery, and other heavy vehicles. The HETS is required to transport, deploy and evacuate 70-ton payloads, primarily M-1 tanks, on highways and unimproved roads and cross-country. The HETS consists of the M-1070 truck tractor and M-1000 semitrailer. HETS has automatically steerable axles and load leveling hydraulic suspension. The tractor has front and rear axle steering with central tire inflation system and cab space for five crew members. OLD versionA system of truck tractors and semitrailers used primarily for the transport of main battle tanks.



Broader Terms:

cost effectiveness
tank transport trucks

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M1 Abrams

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