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Heavy Brigade Combat Team

Definition/Scope: A single type of heavy brigade replaces the armored, mechanized, and balanced brigades of the heavy divisions, and the separate tank and mechanized brigades and armored cavalry regiments of the corps. These HBCTs field tanks and mechanized infantry within standardized combined arms maneuver battalions. Generally organized as such: two combined arms battalions (CAB); each battalion consisting of two infantry and two armor companies. Heavy BCTs are balanced combined arms units that execute operations with shock and speed. Their main battle tanks, self-propelled artillery, and fighting vehicle-mounted infantry provide tremendous striking power. Heavy BCTs require significant strategic air- and sealift to deploy and sustain. Their fuel consumption may limit operational reach. However, this is offset by the heavy BCT's unmatched tactical mobility and firepower. Heavy BCTs include organic military intelligence, artillery, signal, engineer, reconnaissance, and sustainment capabilities. FM 3-0

Used For:

Unit of Action



Broader Terms:

Brigade Combat Team
Combat Aviation Brigade
common operational picture
Full spectrum operations
Joint capabilities

Narrower Terms:

Brigade Special Troops Battalion

Related Terms:

Battlefield Surveillance Brigade
Captains Career Course Infantry
Divisional MLRS Target Acquisition Battery
Infantry Brigade Combat Team
Stryker Brigade Combat Team

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