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Health Service Support

Definition/Scope: (JP 4-02) Health service support (HSS) is related to three joint functions: sustainment, movement and maneuver, and protection. HSS promotes, improves, conserves, or restores health within a military system. HSS capabilities are employed across the range of military operations and include the ability to organize, train, and equip preceding deployment and enable the employment of physically fit personnel HSS. These capabilities span the operational environment from point of injury/illness to the appropriate capability of care. The purpose of HSS is to maintain the individual and group health needed to accomplish a military mission. The intent is to effectively and efficiently use medical capabilities and individual healthful practices to prevent and/or correct any human condition that would impair or preclude the joint force from achieving its objectives. OLD VERSION The system which executes the force health protection in a global environment concept and includes all services performed, provided, or arranged to promote, improve, conserve, or restore the mental or physical well being of personnel in the Army. (2) The joint medical community also uses the term health service support to describe the joint military health system.

Used For:

Force Health Protection
Sustainment WFF



Broader Terms:

Army Medical Department

Narrower Terms:

Health Service Logistics

Related Terms:

Force Health Protection
Force Protection

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