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Guardrail Common Sensor

Definition/Scope: (FM 3-36) The Guardrail common sensor is a corps-level airborne signals intelligence collection and location system. It provides tactical commanders with near real-time targeting information. Key features include the following: integrated communications intelligence and electronic intelligence reporting, enhanced signal classification and recognition, near real-time direction finding, precision emitter location, and an advanced integrated aircraft cockpit. Preplanned product improvements include frequency extension, computer-assisted online sensor management, upgraded data links, and the capability to exploit a wider range of signals. The Guardrail common sensor shares technology with the ground-based common sensor, airborne reconnaissance-low, and other joint systems.


RC-12 series Guardrail Common Sensor

Used For:

Guardrail V



Broader Terms:

RC-7 Airborne Reconnaissance Low

Narrower Terms:

Airborne Reconnaissance Low-multifunction
Airborne Relay Facility
Communication High Accuracy Airborne Location System
Guardrail V

Related Terms:

Aerial Common Sensor
EA-6B Prowler
Electronic Intelligence
electronic warfare
signal intelligence

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