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Global Command and Control System - Army

Definition/Scope: The Global Command and Control System - Army (GCCS-A) consists of ADP hardware, software, and communications system components that are tailored and integrated to support strategic, operational, and theater functional requirements. The overall software architecture is based on the four-layer DOD Joint Technical Architecture (JTA) and a client-server architecture based on the DII COE. The commonality in architecture facilitates integration of the GCCS-A and the GCCS. GCCS-A will use the Common Hardware Software II hardware. GCCS-A consists of a mix of UNIX database servers, Windows-NT PC user workstations, and laptops configured to specific site requirements. GCCS-A is the Army?s strategic, tactical and theater command and control system (C2). A key component of the Army Battle Command System (ABCS), GCCS-A provides a seamless link of information and data from the strategic Global Command and Control System- Joint to the Army corps elements and below. GCCS-A gives a common picture of Army tactical operations to the Joint and Coalition community, while facilitating interoperability of systems with the Army Command. OLD version Highly mobile, deployable command and control system supporting forces for joint and multinational operations across the range of military operations, any time and anywhere in the world with compatible, interoperable, and integrated command, control, communications, computers, and intelligence systems.



Broader Terms:

defense command and control systems
Defense Information Infrastructure
Department of Defense Directive S-5100.30
Global Command and Control System
Worldwide Military Command and Control System

Narrower Terms:

Advanced Wideband System
Air Force Global Command and Control System
Army Battle Command System
Army Global Command and Control System
Army Tactical Command and Control System
Automated Message Handling System
data collection
Global Broadcast Service
Global Command and Control-Pacific
Joint Operation Planning and Execution System
Military Satellite Communication
Navy Global Command and Control System

Related Terms:

C4I for the Warrior
Defense Information Infrastructure Common Operating Environment
Defense Information Systems Agency
Defense Information Systems Network
DODD 5100.30
Global Combat Support System
Global Command and Control System-Joint
Global Information Grid
Narrowband Military Satellite Communication
National Military Command System
Net-Enabled Command Capability
TRADOC Capability Manager Battle Command

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