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general engineering

Definition/Scope: (FM 3-90.6) General engineering encompasses those engineer tasks that increase the mobility, survivability, and sustainability of tactical and logistical units. These are identified as general engineering rather than combat engineering. Such tasks include construction and repair of LOC, MSR, airfields, and logistical facilities. Due to the austere organization of the BCT?s organic engineers, and a lack of specific equipment and training for general engineering tasks, execution of most general engineering tasks requires augmentation. The ENCOORD is responsible for the coordination of this augmentation when it becomes necessary. OLD VERSION Encompasses the construction and repair of lines of communications, main supply routes, airfields, and logistic facilities to support joint military operations and may be performed in direct support of combat operations, such as battle damage repair. These operations include both horizontal and vertical construction, and may include use of both expedient repair methods and more deliberate construction methods characterized by the application of design criteria, advanced planning, and preparation



Broader Terms:

combat engineer
military engineering

Related Terms:

civil engineering

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