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Definition/Scope: Army staff and managerial positions and organizations are grouped into like nomenclatures. S-1 – S-6 are the staff or office positions usually located at the Battalion and below commands. G-1 – G-8 are located at Brigade and higher positions. J-1 – J-9 are unique in that they are Joint positions that have all Department of Defense services in them. The Army G-8 is responsible for integrating Army funding, fielding, and equipping actions with OSD, Joint, and ARSTAF organizations and processes for the purpose of meeting current and future force requirements of the Joint Force. They are the principal military advisor to ASA(FM&C) and they also advise VCSA on JROC issues as well. G-8 also serves as a member of JCB, AR2B, AROC, AMCB. An installation G8 mission statement might be as follows: support the command and major subordinate organizations (MSOs) organic to installation support to subordinate schools and centers. The CAC G8 formulates, allocates, administers, monitors and controls the utilization of installation activities and resources to execute the installations missions; acting for CAC CG, assists higher headquarters G8 in the validation, prioritization of requirements, and the distribution of resources (dollars and manpower) during the entire Planning Programming Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) cycle to all schools and centers subordinate to the CG. The G8 is the principal advisor to the CG for resourcing (finance, accounting and manpower) issues. OLD VERSION Division-level or higher staff officer.

Broader Terms:

staff officer

Narrower Terms:

Center for Army Analysis
resource management

Related Terms:

Army modularity
force development
Quadrennial Defense Review

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