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Definition/Scope: Information/Signal/Communication. Army staff and managerial positions and organizations are grouped into like nomenclatures. S-1 – S-6 are the staff or office positions usually located at the Battalion and below commands. G-1 – G-8 are located at Brigade and higher positions. J-1 – J-9 are unique in that they are Joint positions that have all Department of Defense services in them. The Army G-6 vision is to ensure Army and mission partners have the right information at the right time at the right place. Their stated mission is to lead LandWarNet transformation to deliver timely, trusted, and shared information and to create an environment where innovation and service empowers Army and mission partners through an unsurpassed responsive, collaborative, and trusted information enterprise. An installation G-6 mission statement might be as follows: The G6 concerns itself with matters concerning: signal operations, automation management, network management, information assurance. The G6 also manages the development, implementation, and compliance of C4 system policies/SOPs; develops requirements, obtains resources, and monitors execution of garrison, installation, and strategic voice, data and video communications in support of higher headquarters. OLD VERSION Division-level or higher staff oficer; Assistant Chief of Staff, G6 (C4 operations).

Broader Terms:

staff officer

Narrower Terms:

Information Assurance
security officer

Related Terms:

C4 operations officer
command, control, communications and computers

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