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Definition/Scope: Army staff and managerial positions and organizations are grouped into like nomenclatures. S-1 – S-6 are the staff or office positions usually located at the Battalion and below commands. G-1 – G-8 are located at Brigade and higher positions. J-1 – J-9 are unique in that they are Joint positions that have all Department of Defense services in them. G-2 is that office that handles Army intelligence matters. Army G-2 is the Deputy Chief of Staff. The Deputy Chief of Staff (DCS) G-2 is responsible for policy formulation, planning, programming, budgeting, management, staff supervision, evaluation, and oversight for intelligence activities for the Department of the Army. DCS has Army Staff responsibility for overall coordination of the five major intelligence disciplines: Imagery Intelligence, Signals Intelligence, Human Intelligence, Measurement and Signature Intelligence, and Counterintelligence and Security Countermeasures. An installation mission statement might be as follows: supports the Commander’s intelligence requirements, assists with the incorporation of contemporary operational environment (COE) issues into mission areas, executes the installation’s security program, personnel Security, manages the industrial security program, provides Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) security and administration support to the installation, provides Intelligence Oversight to the installation. OLD VERSION Division-level or higher staff officer; Assistant Chief of Staff, G2 (Intelligence).

Broader Terms:

staff officer

Narrower Terms:

Counterintelligence/Human Intelligence Information Management Systems
Foreign Disclosure Officer
High-Payoff Target
High-Value Target
High-Value Target Operations
target area of interest

Related Terms:

all-source production section
all-source production teams
Analysis and Control Element
intelligence collection management
intelligence officer

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